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CivilizationIII's Journal

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  2009.08.11  11.46

I have a question.

I'm using the original Civ III (no expansions) and when I'm using the Civ Edit program, I make an awesome form of government for myself and assign it to a research tech that isn't used for anything else that I mark as not required for era advancement and put it in ancient times. Then I give it to myself as a free tech and make it unresearchable. But when I start the game, it doesn't give me that tech and I can't use that form of government. Does anyone know why this is or how I can fix it?

Appreciate it.


  2008.04.13  02.29
strategic games and real economy

Hello. Sorry for my English

My friends and me are interested in everything about cybernetics in real
May be you heard about Cybersyn -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Cybersyn. Stafford Beer -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stafford_Beer and his

Cybersyn uses cybernetic algorithms to compress dataflows, show them on
displays in simple graphic way and to predict evolving of Chily economy.
But all solutions were taken by people-operators in control rooms.

We want to stay a questions like
1) what informations do you have about systems like Cybersyn?
2) May be you heard about systems which control country economy fully
3) Do you know science works about automatic analyzing and controlling
of country or big enterprises (communities) economies?
4) What opensource strategic games economy engines do you know?
5) Do you know strategic games developers and architectors whom we can ask our questions about cybernetics in real ecnomy?

Thank you for answers!


  2008.01.02  14.04

Won at 300 AD conquest victory!!!!!


  2007.12.30  10.25

Civilization III complete crashes when I build the bombard unit in double your pleasure. Help!!

Mood: annoyed

  2006.12.24  10.54


what do the little balls on top of the health meter on units mean?


  2006.07.17  15.24
Advice on Winning on the level higher than Monarch

Hi, does anyone have any good advice on how to beat the game higher than Monarch level? Everytime I try I end up getting wiped out within the first hour, which is horribly frustrating! I have tried the tactic of playing defensively, but of course I get cornered...and if I try to build outwards I am immediately wiped out...if I play offensively I just completely get wiped out...

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!


  2006.01.14  13.26

just a quick question. searched out this community cause it's been bugging me for a long time. in that little window thing, whatever it's called, in the bottom right, what is with that sun in the top left of the windown, right below the "click for next turn" button???


  2005.10.27  21.04
on screen game controls moved

I know Civ 4 is all the talk but I'm trying to finish up a Civ 3 game before I go and buy it.
Now try and hold your laughter.
My dog jumped up on the keyboard and hit some combination of keys. Now the on screen game controls are no longer at the bottom but on the left side running up and down. I had no clue that is possible.
Any idea how I put them back?

I'm playing PLay the World version if that makes a difference.


Mood: aggravated

  2005.10.26  15.33
Civ 4

With the release of Civ 4 this week, I created a community for it: civ4 Share reviews of the game, compare it to other civs, note problems with it, etc. It's all about Civ 4. Feel free to e-mail me or comment with any suggestions for the community- including how everyone feels about having different communities for the different civ games (ie, there's freeciv, civilizationiii, and civ_is_cool)


  2005.10.14  10.37
Shades of SimCity

On the old Apple MacIntosh computers they had in my high school many years ago, I played the original version of SimCity on that tiny black and white screen. You know what the most fun thing about it was?

Natural disasters. So I'm thinking, I know that the Civ guys want to focus on combat and that kind of thing, but wouldn't the occasional natural disaster in the 5000 years of a typical game be an interesting challeng to contend with? Right now the worst thing you have to deal with is pollution, global warming (both of which make less sense than a hurricane or an earthquake), and the plague in some situations. Conquests at least has volcano eruptions from time to time. SimCity had Godzilla, for cryin' out loud. I think the Civ guys can do better than global warming.


  2005.09.25  21.18
Problem with Civ3...

I was hoping somebody here would be able to help me here...

Having been a massive Civ fan since the first game, I bought Civ3 when it first came out, installing it on my laptop and running it with no problems. Last year I had to uninstall it due to some space issues, then discovered my little brother had broken my disk, aargh. Recently though I've once again felt its all-consuming pull and wanted to play again. I bought a new disk, cleared out enough space and installed it. However, the game won't run- when I selected 'Play' it flashed up the screen of the Tower of Babel, then the CD just stopped running and nothing happened. I've tried uninstalling it, reinstalling, jumping directly into play, running it from PTW, but nothing's worked. Now the Tower of Babel doesn't even appear- when I select 'Play', I get a little white square in the centre of my screen, then it stops.

I seriously doubt it's my computer, as the game worked fine on it before and I've already defragged/debugged it trying to get it to work. And I don't think it's my game disk either, as I borrowed a copy off my friend and it still didn't work.

Has anyone else come across this problem before? And can anyone help? I'm ringing up the UK Atari hotline tomorrow, but I thought this community would be my best bet. Right now I'm going insane from withdrawl...

Mood: hopeful

  2005.08.25  04.54
Civilization IV coming soon!


Check out this interview with Sid Meier, father and creator of the original Civilization game and the latest incarnation CIV IV. Check out the Addiction Video to the right when you get there. Cute!

Mood: excited

  2005.06.16  22.25

2 bad my civilization 3 isnt working,and I cant wait any longer for the new one to come out, Iv e been wanting to play civ 3 sicne forever ago,since I have all of them,but for some reason the binkw32 never works,its always missing oooo

Mood: envious

  2005.05.23  15.40

what's everyone's favourite civ?


  2005.05.20  17.56
Civ 4 cometh...


And it looks *very* cool.


  2005.05.05  23.30

Having one of the best games ever. My game has me as China, and then Japan, Russia, Rome, France, England, India, and Germany. In the beginning I got angry at Rome because Caeser wouldn't keep his warriors off my land. After 5 or 6 warnings, I just declared war. Rome was small to begin with, so I spent a few turns taking a city or two, then I bribed Japan and France in and I ended up taking Rome's capital and one other city and eventually got another city after Japan took one and it defected.

If that wasn't awesome enough, Japan bribed the rest of the world (except India) into helping. The war lasted awhile (even through the Indian War) but after several false peace treaties with everyone except me, the last city was taken by Germany.

The Indian War was a little different; I had lots of resource and luxury trades with India and even a ROP (for some reason India liked making its workers build roads on my land).. but then India canceled all the agreements and took two of my cities with its elephant troop guys (I never usually garrison any units to my cities on Chieftan). So ANYWAY, I was really mad. Needless to say, everyone was still willing to help so I bribed Japan and England, then everyone else followed. It got so bad that other nations didn't care when India bribed me for peace, and started making trade embargoes against India.

I got a MPP with Germany just in case everyone hates me after this war, though. ;/


  2005.05.05  14.35

I know violating ROP and military alliances will anger other civs, but does making peace with the country you're jointly at war with bother the other civs? I declared war on Rome and bribed the French and the Japanese to declare war on them too, but then I made peace and ignored them all. Now everyone but one other country (I'm playing an 8 civ game) is warring with Rome. Am I boned?


  2005.05.04  14.12

Hey, I'm em, and I'm just titch addicted to civ3. See, my History Teacher had us get into groups and play the game as a project, and I haven't been able to put it down ever since.

Anyhow, do any of you know of some cheat codes, etc. for civ3? I've looked but haven't found any good ones just yet.

Thanks in advance,


  2005.05.03  08.26
Civ 3 Conquests vs PTW vs Complete

Does anyone know if two people can set up a game to play if one of them has Civ3 Conquests and the other has Civ 3 Complete? Or PTW?

Just curious if anyone has tried this or read something on it. Thanx in advance.


  2005.02.23  17.44

Hey, I just joined and was just wondering...I just finished building my spaceship, but now when I try to see and launch it by clicking the "S" button by the Histograph, etc buttons, it won't let me. It makes the noise and turns blue and everything, but it won't open. Is it my game, or because I'm already past 2050? Does anyone know?

Mood: frustrated

  2005.02.09  12.55


My playing level is at Warlord right about now, and on a whim I recently tried playing on Deity level. It was mildly traumatic watching my poor wee archers get crushed by other countries' riflemen, what fun! Has anyone here ever had any success with Deity?


  2004.12.21  19.42
Play the World Question

Does anyone use Stealth Fighters for anything?
I'm in a large scale air war and wonder if I could take out his Jet fighters with my stealth fighters? I've just never found a use for them.

Mood: good

  2004.12.10  15.24
Just to let you know...

Thanks all for the advice earlier about what I could do to keep from stagnating. Some of it helped, some of it caused problems entirely new to me.

I tried a new game with Germany, just to try some things out. I'm starting to think Germany was a poor choice, because, while I like the fact that they are militaristic and scientific, they don't really get any kind of military edge until they build panzers in modern times. As erislover made some great recommendations about having one city build settlers, and getting the strategic resources. I warred of an on with the Vikings throughout most of the game over horses, since I got them first. It turns out that's all I got, no iron, no saltpeter, nothing. My options were war with Rome, who was significantly stronger, or war again with Vikings, who was about evenly matched militarily...except they had iron. So as soon at we hit medieval times they started building berzerkers and pikemen and I was stuck with horsemen and spearmen. I did OK at first, being the instigator, but after I knocked down the first two cities, I got no further. And Persia was randomly decaring war on me off and on. They were in the lead and far away, so it was more of a nuisance.

Eventually, I started loosing a lot of units, made some alliances to try to get resources, but couldn't build the advanced unit fast enough because I decided to try building heavily on the military instead of building improvements. So corruption and waste became a really big deal all of a sudden. And then everybody stagnated scientifically all at the same time. And then I started to lose really bad. I haven't quite ridden all the way down to getting squashed yet, but it's not looking good for Bismarck.

So I think I'm getting abetter idea of what I need to do to stay competitive, thanks for all the advice. Incidentally, am I the only one who really doesn't like to just play until I lose, instead quitting when I start to lose all hope? Perhaps I shouldn't give up until the game is decided, I've had so many come-from-behind victories in the past; but the last couple games I've played, I just haven't seen any sign of things improving and have decided to try another game.

Mood: crushed

  2004.12.08  00.26

I've been trying to use my scientific leaders to help build my wonders in Civ3: Conquest, but I'm not able to. Is this is some bug?

Mood: frustrated

  2004.12.03  21.24
When did I start to suck?

I'm having problems with Civ lately.

See, I'm pretty green, I imagine, compared to the rest of you. Oh, it's addicting and all, and I spend too much time playing when I should be doing term projects and such, but this hasn't been a problem lately, since I keep getting my ass kicked.

I had Civ III: GOTY and was gettign pretty good at it (I thought), and was playing on Monarch (I think) with 7-8 CI players. It's been a while and I'm having trouble remembering. I recently upgraded to Civ 3: Conquests and have been getting trounced, but it's the same way each time. Perhaps it's my style of play, I tend to be more conservative (not sure why, just seems like the thing to do) and try not to go around starting wars and stuff right off the bat, because then I have to focus on building military and not science or culture. Perhaps I haven't grasped the nuance of getting it all to click yet, but I've played a few games on Regent with 6 CI players and each time I'm doing pretty good right up until I get toward the end of the Middle Ages scientifically and my civilization falls apart. This has happened with Persia, Rome, the Ottomans, and the Chinese that I can think of off the top of my head. I'm ahead scientifically, then every just skips right over me to the industrial ages and I'm left standing not being able to make enough money, devote enough resources to research, or build anything faster than base turns and before long, it just seems pointless to continue. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and perhaps I just need to play more aggressively. I seem to have difficulty exploring now, and I can't get a world map to save my life, let alone exchange technology... it's like my civilization just stagnates and dies right there, even if I have the most land area or population (I also rarely end up with enough resources to trade, but I figured that was just a function of difficulty level. Maybe I should bump it down another notch of difficulty until I get better, I just don't know.

Any thoughts?


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